Session Recap: Special Fireside Chat with Hon. Mike Duggan, City of Detroit

Shaping Detroit’s Future: Detroit is Open for Business 

At our recent conference, Power Connections Commercial Real Estate, held on June 20 at The Townsend Hotel, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan delivered an inspiring session on the revitalization of Detroit, focusing on the remarkable progress the city has made in recent years. Here are the key highlights and takeaways from his discussion:

Revitalization and Growth

Mayor Duggan began by highlighting Detroit’s resurgence, emphasizing the significant strides made in population growth, investment, and job creation under his administration. He pointed out that these achievements are crucial for the city’s ongoing transformation and the well-being of its residents.

Future of Every Neighborhood

A major theme of the session was the importance of ensuring that every neighborhood in Detroit has a promising future. Mayor Duggan underscored the potential for development and investment in various areas across the city, emphasizing that no neighborhood should be left behind in Detroit’s revitalization efforts.

Public Safety Improvements

Addressing concerns about safety, Mayor Duggan shared the positive news that crime rates in Detroit have significantly decreased, with the city experiencing the fewest homicides since 1966. He attributed this improvement to targeted initiatives and community involvement, which have played a vital role in making Detroit a safer place to live and work.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Startups

Mayor Duggan also discussed the city’s efforts to streamline the permitting process, making it easier for businesses to operate and thrive in Detroit. He highlighted the support provided to entrepreneurs and startups, particularly in the mobility and technology sectors, which are crucial for fostering innovation and economic growth.


  • Resurgence in Growth: Detroit has seen a notable increase in population, investment, and job creation.
  • Future Development: Every neighborhood in Detroit has development potential and opportunities for investment.
  • Crime Reduction: Crime rates have significantly decreased, with the fewest homicides since 1966.
  • Business Support: The city is streamlining the permitting process and providing strong support for entrepreneurs and startups, especially in mobility and technology sectors.

Mayor Mike Duggan’s session was a powerful reminder of the progress Detroit has made and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. The city’s commitment to inclusive growth, safety, and innovation is paving the way for a bright future for all its residents and businesses.

Click here for the recording of the Fireside Chat.

Conference photos can be found here

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