Session Recap: Fireside chat with Dick DeVos

Grand Action for Grand Rapids

In a thought-provoking Fireside Chat moderated by Bobby Schostak, CEO of Templar Baker Group, Dick DeVos, Co-Chair of Grand Action 2.0, explores the transformative impact of the Grand Action model on downtown Grand Rapids. Here are the key insights and takeaways from their discussion:

Leadership in Community Revitalization

Both DeVos and Schostak highlighted the indispensable role of private sector leadership and philanthropy in revitalizing communities. The DeVos family and Grand Action’s dedication to investing in Grand Rapids has not only reshaped the cityscape but also bolstered its economic and social fabric.

Transparency and Collaboration

Central to their success in Grand Rapids has been a commitment to transparency and collaboration in public-private partnerships. By fostering open dialogue and strong partnerships, Grand Action has effectively navigated challenges and achieved sustainable growth.

Influence on Public Policy

Both speakers stressed the importance of active engagement in public policy discussions. They emphasized the need for supportive regulatory frameworks that attract investment and promote long-term prosperity.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals

DeVos and Schostak encouraged real estate professionals to actively contribute to community development efforts. They highlighted the potential for collective impact through strategic investments and innovative urban planning, envisioning a vibrant future for Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan. 

Michigan’s Path Forward

Optimism resonated throughout the conversation as DeVos and Schostak discussed Michigan’s potential for growth. They expressed confidence in leveraging local talent and fostering innovation to propel the state towards a prosperous future.

The Fireside Chat with Dick DeVos and Bobby Schostak illuminated the power of visionary leadership and strategic collaboration in urban development. Their insights provide a roadmap for future initiatives aimed at enhancing community vitality and economic prosperity in Grand Rapids and beyond.

Click here for the recording of the Fireside Chat.

Conference photos can be found here

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