Andrew Kuhn Shares Insights on Leadership and Multi-Family Real Estate Success

In a recent interview, Andrew Kuhn, Founder & CEO of Sunrise Communities, shared insights into his career journey and leadership philosophy. His dedication to continuous learning and adaptation has been instrumental in navigating the challenges of the ever-evolving commercial real estate industry.

Andrew offers invaluable advice for both beginners and seasoned investors. For those looking to grow, he emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability. “Timing the market isn’t a viable strategy and is often attributed to hindsight. It’s often a mixture of self-belief and determination with a healthy dose of good fortune. But showing up and being prepared is a critical part,” he notes.

For those just starting out, Andrew echoes the famous Nike slogan, “Just Do It.” He encourages new investors to get started, make mistakes, learn, and keep going. “Too many people will spend 20 years talking about it and never take the first step. That 20 years is going to go by anyway, and I’ve never heard one successful person say, ‘I wish I would have started later.”

Andrew is particularly excited about the role of technology in the multi-family space, his area of expertise. He highlights the emergence of the “Amazon Resident,” who expects everything instantly and at their fingertips, often via their phone. Sunrise Communities leverages technology extensively, utilizing AI leasing agents, smart maintenance AI, and a comprehensive tech stack to enhance the resident experience.

“In an environment of increasing taxes, insurance, and expenses, those who evolve, lean into technology, and streamline operations will not only provide a better resident experience but will also address historical operational inefficiencies to stay profitable into the future,” he explains.

Andrew is passionate about company culture, describing it as the lifeblood of the organization. He believes in a mission-driven, high-performance team with high accountability and a sense of fun. “Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by elevating the apartment living experience,” he states.

Sunrise Communities’ core values, such as “Together We Win,” “Do The Right Thing,” “Whatever It Takes,” and “Better Every Day,” are not just words but guiding principles that shape hiring, reviewing, recognizing, and rewarding practices. They run on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), which promotes continual system and process improvement, and prioritize having fun, integrating events, contests, and a positive environment into their work culture.

Andrew candidly describes life itself as a challenging project. He believes in living well and aligning his actions with his core values: Family, Health, and Growth. “When I’m living in alignment with my core values and making decisions based on that filter, it’s like a cheat code to living a good life,” he reflects.

Andrew and his wife, Nicole, use a personal version of EOS called Purposeful Family Manager (PFM) to maintain alignment. They have weekly meetings to review their calendar, personal and family goals, and schedule intentional time with their daughters. These routines, Kuhn believes, make all the difference in balancing a busy professional and personal life.

Summarizing his approach, Andrew emphasizes the significance of adaptability, technology, and a strong company culture. By aligning business practices with core values and focusing on continual improvement, he has steered Sunrise Communities towards success, making a lasting impact on the multi-family housing industry.

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